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Sometimes, as much as you’d like to, you can’t hire a voiceover artist to do the job for you. Yes! I said it! Sometimes you need to be in front of the camera or standing at the front of the room representing your business in video or in person.

So… how can I help you?

As a Voiceover Coach, I can help you develop and work on your own presentation and performance skills so that you feel more confident and capable when speaking in public.

I can help you bring the spoken word to life whether it is for a personal speech at a special occasion, presenting to a boardroom full of professionals or creating a video that will reach thousands of potential clients. We can work on what you need to say, how you need to say it and understand why.

As a voiceover coach I help you learn how to engage with your audience and breathe life into your words.

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What a wonderful, calm and professional personality that Anne-Lise is! I met her over zoom few months ago, and immediately thought ‘She is my go to expert for voice over coaching’. I needed some accent softening techniques for my sharp mixed Ballkanian-Mediterranian sounds. Anne-Lise offered to listen carefully to my slow reading and ‘tested’ me on few tongue-twisters. From there we went through single and group vowels and practiced group of vocals sounds through reading and improvisation. We ended up our coaching session with the correct and very British spelling sound of the word ‘poor’ as in ‘or’ to my surprise.

Since my Primary school, I had it all wrong lol. Highly, highly recommend Anne-Lise and her deep listening to your sounds. She is a brilliant Voice Over performer whether you need an animated marketing campaign or a warm voice reading through your snippets of new audio book.

Thank you Anne-Lise for the results in just few sessions!

Jona Hysa , www.time4pa.com

Enrolling in voice coaching sessions with Anne-Lise has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my professional development. Not only is she incredibly skilled at imparting knowledge, but her infectious passion for the craft makes every session an enriching experience. With her guidance I have witnessed a remarkable improvement in my voiceover abilities. If you’re searching for a mentor who is not only really good at what they do but genuinely invested in your growth, I wholeheartedly recommend Anne-Lise.


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