Voice Overs

IVR & Telephony

...from just £80

Ensuring your business is professionally represented when you cannot speak directly to potential clients is essential.

Having a professional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system can really help to give callers the right impression about your company.

With my expertise, I ensure the message is recorded and delivered at the highest quality possible and the style and tone they hear reflects your ethos and values. I can also help you word the message appropriately with my script writing services so that your message is clear and the client is left feeling confident about your services.

So, when you cannot speak directly to your clients, make sure your potential business is still in safe hands with a professionally voiced answering system.

Why not contact me about recording an IVR system for your company?

Explainer Videos

...from just £200 per 2-4 minute video

Having a visual presence for your business is almost a given in today’s competitive market. Your website, your social media posts, your YouTube channels – all need to reflect the high standard to which you promise clients you deliver.

A professional explainer video is a powerful tool for demonstrating your USP (Unique Selling Point) your values and your bespoke products and services. Images and video are very effective, but when you add a voice to this as well, it takes it on to another level. You are enabling viewers to deepen their understanding of your message and ensure more information is understood. You are also making your video more accessible to those who might be visually impaired or find reading of captions difficult. A multi-sensory approach is ideal.

As a professional Voiceover artist, I can ensure your audience engages with your intended message fully by using the right style and tone of voice that you need. I can even help you write and create the ‘soundtrack’ to your video by listening and talking with you and really understanding what your business is all about. To top it off, I have a fantastic bank of trusted videographers and animated videographers that can help with any filming if you are at that stage of the creative journey.

Start a conversation with me about how we can help improve your visual presence online with a memorable and engaging video.


Prices on application

Promoting your business effectively through different media channels can be a real game changer…if you get it right. Good marketing can help you determine whether radio, T.V, online advertising – or even social media is the right way for you to reach your ideal audience and once this is determined you can create an effective and memorable commercial or promotional video – both visually and audibly catchy! I find the right style and tone – whether it is to persuade, inform or even entertain and ensure your commercial does the job it set out to do!

Audiobook Production

...from just £200 per finished hour

We all love to be transported off into another world where we can lose ourselves and perhaps live vicariously through the lives of others. In this fast-moving, multi-tasking world, audiobooks are becoming the perfect way to escape, unwind, learn or be entertained. A good audiobook is narrated using an engaging yet unbiased tone and is full of believable and interesting characters. An empathy with the subject matter in the case of non-fiction and the ability to engage and sustain the listeners interest is essential.

With vast experience in storytelling through years of teaching before becoming a voiceover artist, I know how to pull the listener in, capture and hold their interest. All the books I produce are recorded and produced to a high professional standard that meets with all the main publishing platforms.

I enjoy narrating both fiction and non-fiction for everyone aged between 2 and 92!

So if you have a book and want to break into the world of audiobooks – give me a call and let’s discuss your project!

eLearning & Narration

...from just £190 for up to 500 words

Creating an engaging online course for your clients or staff is essential if the learning is to be effectively embedded. It may be to educate staff on policies and procedures, or maybe it is to develop your client’s understanding about your products or services. Using the correct voice that brings this learning alive is where I come in. My years of experience as an educator means I know exactly how to capture the audience’s interest and maintain it throughout. I am passionate about learning and using the spoken and written word to ensure the whole process is memorable for all the right reasons!

Alternatively, you might need to create a documentary or audio guide to showcase an important subject or issue. Adopting the right tone for your narrative is essential and again, I will ensure the audio complements and does not distract from the important visuals and topic at hand. Adding Audio description to visuals is another great way of ensuring your message is more accessible to a wider audience and my tone is perfect for delivering it succinctly.

Let’s discuss how we can make your training programme or documentary jump off the screen.

Gaming & Characters

Prices on application

This is the fun and potentially wild aspect of my job!

Believable and interesting characters is what makes a game, book or T.V show engaging. As an experienced storyteller and actor, I love having the opportunity to create, build and deliver original characters with voices that will take your animation project to the next level. Having experience in film dubbing means I can help transform your project from another language into English. I ensure that the emotion and intention behind the words is still as powerful with the new audio.

Start a conversation with me about the world you are trying to create for your audience!

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